Album Covers for Mix CDs

The art of the mix deserves art of its own.

Though an Alabama native, I was never a Country music fan. In the late winter of 2005, I decided I needed to embrace my local roots and so made my Just a Country Girl mix. About a year later, I made a companion mix: Barefoot Roamin'

As with the even so covers, these other designs were designed to be printed out from home. So, to not zap pricey color ink cartridges, the saturation of color is lax.

And a little FYI, I made my own home-brewed soundtrack for the musical episode of Buffy long before the official soundtrack was released. Who could wait that long? Danita felt the same about a cd of music by Christophe Beck - only it seems that an official one of those will never be released.

Before I got a cd burner in 2000, I made many a mix tape. But there was one compilation I was holding out for a burner to make: Natalie Merchant. 10,000 Maniacs was my favorite band when I was in high school. And I bought a few of Merchant's solo efforts, but man, can she be melancholy without the Maniacs.

So I had my mix all planned. I knew I'd call it Cactus Lily, taking after her first solo album Tiger Lily and the imagery of her and a cactus that I planned to scan for art. And I knew what songs I'd use.

It was the first cd I burned. I designed the label and printed it out.

I have listened to that cd maybe twice. I never even cut the label to put it in the cd case. So much for long-awaited mixes.

Love the mix. Be the mix