Wonderfalls soundtrack

Illustration of the Month for October 2005

If you buy the Wonderfalls theme song on iTunes, the cover art is the snow globe with Jaye inside. That just didn't cut it with me for my unofficial soundtrack. Maybe I shouldn't have been so picky; I finished this design weeks ago and have yet to print it out.

(Click on the image to see the full size version.)

01 I Wonder Why the Wonder Falls by Andy Partridge (Theme)
02 Extraordinary by Liz Phair
03 There's a Silence by The Electric Soft Parade
04 Flying High by Jem
05 Inside of Love by Nada Surf
06 Stay by Michelle Featherstone
07 Amazing Grace by Walela
08 Heavy Packer by Amy Miles*
09 I Don't Know What It Is by Rufus Wainwright
10 Us by Regina Spektor*

*These songs were not used on the show, but I like them.