Retired site design

The look of from the start of June 2004 to the end of December 2004. I called this version "Blossoms."

Desktop: Betty Boop for Christmas

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Merry Christmas Mix

Illustration of the Month for December 2004

There's also a matching desktop wallpaper.

Shelley from the Block

Illustration of the Month for November 2004

Before Shelley Tumlin was going to move to Florida, I asked if I could take a couple rolls of film of her. We went up on the roof of the Vineyard for this shot. The block effects are fitting because we used to call her "Shelley from the Block" (after the J.Lo song), and because the pixelated style is Jaimie's thing and I know Shell via Jaimie.

GVC web portal

Illustration of the Month for October 2004

Index page of Gadsden Vineyard Church

Comic Book Cindy

Illustration of the Month for September 2004

I call this Comic Book Cindy because in it she reminds me of the renderings of Neil Gaiman's Death character in The Sandman comics.

Done in acrylic.

Sacred Heart tee

Illustration of the Month for August 2004

Kris made the drawing with oil pastels, I made the design using Adobe Illustrator.

Desktop: Badtz Maru

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We Fishes Three

Illustration of the Month for July 2004

Colored pencil, derived from a design in Celtic Decorative Art by Deborah O'Brien

Magazine Jaimie

Magazine paper collage of Jaimie

Illustration of the Month for June 2004

I saw this style in a magazine once and also when Katy Steward did something like it in high school. I've only used this method twice because it's so time-consuming.

Retired site design

The look of from the beginning of December 2003 to the end of May 2004.

State fauna

Illustration of the Month for May 2004

This is an illustration (and layout) I did for the Life & Times section of The Gadsden Times

Desktop: Buffyverse

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Thanks for the memories.


Illustration of the Month for April 2004

=1000 Words

This is a collection of collages I made between the summer of 2000 and winter of 2003. In spring 2004, =1000words was on exhibit at The 215 Gallery in Gadsden, Alabama.

View the set on Flickr to see them all.

Desktop: Ani DiFranco

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Mock album

Illustration of the Month for March 2004

Liz Finlayson: Types & Shadows

That's right, all you Liz fans, don't get too excited, this is a mock album. But Liz knows her left arm is forfeit if she makes an album and does not get me to design her album cover.

The Evolution of the Design
Once upon a time, I took a picture of Liz sitting outside the Vineyard in the setting sunlight. It is one of my all-time fave Liz shots and I refer to it as the "Liz McLachlan" pic on account of her hair looking rather like a coif Sarah McLachlan used to sport. When I went through a tooning frenzy (turning myself and all my friends into 'toons), it was this pic of Liz I used to turn her into a cartoon. This is seen is stages on the lyrics centerfold.

While the toon style is one of my methods, it doesn't really translate to a Liz style of music. If I were designing an album for one of AJ's dance mixes, the toon style might be fine. For Liz, not so much. But it did provide a jumping-off point, as it makes the silhouette repeated in the background. Those would be the shadows.

I called Liz and asked her what she wanted her album to be called and what songs she wanted to cover. Her immediate response was that she had to cover "Midnight Train to Georgia" for Jaimie. I asked her about the title "It's Just Liz" (an old joke in our circle) for the album, and she laughed and said okay. But as the design came to fruition, it needed a more real Liz title. For this mock album, I decided Liz's song "Clearly Enough" would be the title track, and the line in that song that goes "my types and shadows go unnoticed half the time" is where the final album name came from.

The "types" are the symbols repeated on the front and (vaguely) on the cd itself. I used a lot of symbols in designs for Even So, Liz's former band. I wanted something reminiscent of Even So, but not overtly so.

The lyrics feel very "bunched up" to me, but I made myself work with only a 2-fold space. Why? Cause sometimes you gotta problem-solve. Liz's lyrics are text-heavy. To come up with the songs for the album, I went and found as many of her original songs as I could. Then I called Jaimie and asked what she wanted Liz to cover, hence the Carly Simon song. I decided she should cover something by Don Chaffer.

And there you have it.

Desktop: Joan of Arcadia

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My new favorite show.


Illustration of the Month for February 2004

Ani rocks.

Created in Adobe Illustrator.

Half a dozen pears, please

Illustration of the Month for January 2004

A six-part drawing was something my mom used to assign to her art students at Southside High School.

Clockwise from top left: black ink on legal pad paper, colored pencil, Ebony pencil, metallic gold on mossy paper, Photoshopped version of the colored pencil drawing, oil pastel