10 for turning 10

Sariah turned 10 this year, so we did a photoshoot to celebrate. I think this silhouette is my favorite. This is the last one we took. It was hot as blazes yesterday and we'd been fighting the heat and First Friday traffic, but it was nice to end on a pretty note.

I'm trying to get the hang of a new camera and Sariah was very patient with me needing to take a lot of the shots over and over. Look at this serene beauty!

We beat the heat by taking some indoor shots at the museum. Thanks for the natural light, second floor big window!

I knew I wanted a lot of close-ups because I think Sariah has very pretty eyes. But we also practiced with profiles and full-length poses.

Happy new decade, Sariah!

My ten favorite shots from the shoot here.

Darkside Ink Tattoo Studio

Darkside Ink moved to a new location in Attalla — a perfect time to adopt a new look!

To make it a whole system, I also made a version of the logo to use as a watermark on photos of tattoos and an online icon.

Shelley in Style

In addition to putting together the Summer 2018 issue of Style, I also had a story about Shelley Tumlin in it. I hadn't had a story in Style since I worked at The Times! Fun to revisit.

I simply adore what Shelley has done with her pull-behind trailers Peach & Beach Chigger.

United Way Community Report

Carmon Construction website

Brooks Consulting Services was tasked with updating the Carmon Construction website:

I started with a logo of sorts (I say "of sorts" because I don't know if they will use it in any branding or just on the site) and editing the provided photos.

We went with the BuildPress theme on their redesign:

I love how the site turned out! This company works on a variety of impressive projects and their old site didn't reflect their capabilities. Now they have a site that looks as professional as they are.

Antique Alley

For the upcoming annual Antique Alley Yard Sale, Tourism needed an ad but wanted to start first with a logo for the sale that we could use every year.

Oh, look, Meridian! I just ate lunch there!

The Corn Man

Sometimes, you have to try and realize a vision... to realize that isn't what you want AT ALL. I contract with Kelly Sign Consultants sometimes when she's behind on projects and needs somebody else to do the art. "The Corn Man" as I call him (Kelly knows his real name, but I don't!) wanted a distressed look. We went back and forth a couple of times with emphasis on different phrases:

By the changes we made, I could tell "ah, he doesn't like this. But probably he's not sure why he doesn't like this..." And then the request changed COMPLETELY. He wanted to try a totally different feel...

And that one needed no changes at all. Happy Signage, Corn Man!

Travel book and piano cd


My UK friend Lesley was making a travel book for her friend Matt (Matt, maps, atlas... so clever, that Lesley!) and needed a cover. Her design instructions were...

He really likes modernism so I was thinking the Bauhaus one for the font/background design but I'd really like to feature earth. I liked the circle with the lines I thought it might be interesting to capture light and dark. I quite like the line design I thought that would be a good pattern for the earth?

And I liked the little plane detail in the black and white one (with the giraffe) I was thinking it would be a nice to have a little plane going around the world. Overall I was thinking a more vibrant colour palette. I've settled on 'Matlas' for the title and the dimensions will be 29x29 cm for a square book.

We merged ideas from the prelims I sent her:

(I actually did that project a year ago and was waiting for an image of the final product. And then forgot. The perils of waiting! Also, this is why my children don't understand my work. And why I had no examples on hand to take when I went to talk to high schoolers interested in graphic design. There are so many files I send where I never see the resulting product.)

To bookend with a more recent project, my doctor has recorded an album of romantic piano songs and needed layouts for the cd insert. She knew just what she wanted, so all I needed to do was format it for her. There was a font she had in mind and I didn't have the name or a copy of it, so while I waited to find out what it was, I dummied something up.

Then when I made changes and corrections, I changed it to her preferred font (but we kept the scripty one for the title):

The bulk of my freelance design work is paginating publications and making marketing materials, but every once in awhile there's a stand-alone project like this. I wonder what other projects 2018 will bring!

Bible verse tees & church logos

Our Childrens' Church coordinator asked if I could make a t-shirt design for the verse James 1:17 (every good and perfect give is from above). I sent a 1-color horizontal design and a multiple color vertical option. (Hey, if anybody Googles for the need of a design like this, shoot me and email and I'll send you the PDF. I mention this because over the years, I've gotten several requests for the Be An Example shirt.)

The pastor of my bro & sis-in-law's church contacted me to work on a logo for their new name after a church merger. They are a Church of the Nazarene and there are guidelines for adapting the national logo to the local level but he also wanted to present his board with a unique-to-them option. We came up with this:

But in the end, the board chose to use the national version. So I just followed the guidelines set forth in the Usage Guide (so useful!) and now they have lots of variations to play with:

Tami's Trippin' logo & some odds and ends

Here's the logo for Tami's Trippin' and simply because that doesn't feel like much of a post since I only post once a month, here are some other things still on my desktop...

A Day in the Life logo

René Day owns A Day in the Life and had a logo that she wanted refined and then applied to business cards, etc. Here's what she sent:

She loved the font but wanted to try a different sun, so I sent her these:

Once she was happy with the logo redesign, I sent her designs for a vertical & square business cards:

She went with the square and we ended up tweaking the vertical design into a banner.

Maps, charts & infographics

The other day, someone inquired whether I could do infographics and I was like "yeah, sure, let me go find an example... oh, I don't have ANY EXAMPLES."

So this isn't a post of anything I've worked on recently. I stopped by the Times and took screenshots of a smattering of maps, charts and infographics I made over the years. (I couldn't find any examples of more text-heavy ones. Those were usually for the Life&Times section and were on archive cds. If those cds turn up, expect another post for posterity like this one.)