Winter 2014 issue

I had two stories in the last issue: Cornerstone Coffee. Am I on the coffee beat now? :)

And Frios Pops

“'You're not getting any younger,' I told him. I said it jokingly, half-hearted.”

A week later, she came home and Andy told her he'd quit his job. He'd been working on a business plan to sell frozen treats.

“It took my breath away a little bit, though I tried not to show it,” Leslie recalls.

Then Andy gave her a sample — his Key Lime Pie flavor.

“As soon as I tasted it, I knew it was going to be great.”

Fandom Valentines part 2

I would deem "if you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot" a cheesy lyric. But I don't find it cheesy when the Arctic Monkeys sing it.

"Heh, I should turn that into a Valentine," I said to myself. And thus I decided to make fandom'tines this year. Love notes to the fandoms that helped through the adoption wait.

GreenAngelHeart is my Arctic Monkey buddy, so I tweeted this one at her. It was well-received.

Then, of course I needed to make something for one of Rainbow's books. How about the Boba Fett reference in Eleanor & Park?

During church, my phone started going "bzzt... bzzt... bzzt..." Because I get a notification when somebody favorites or retweets when I'm mentioned on Twitter and Rainbow had mentioned the Valentine.

I made one for My Mad Fat Diary (cheating a bit and starting with a graphic I made over the summer):

I needed a Valentine for fandom itself. A pal runs a Snowverse Tumblr; I was duty-bound to make something she could reblog, right? Hence, the SnowBaz Valentine.

I wanted to make one for Misfits, using Rudy. But I never found a screencap that I liked enough and was ready to be done at five.

But then molliekatie started following me on Tumblr and I saw where she was asking if anybody was going to make a Valentine for Attachments, so...

I love the tags on this reblog: #OMG #Attachments #attttaccccchhhhmmentsssss #i'mmm meltiiinnngggg #lincolnnnn and bethhhhhh #best quotes #what is this liiiffffeeeeee

(Will I do this next year? We'll see. *but molliekatie's already asked if there will be a Landline one and you know me...*)

Fandom Valentines part 1

After I made the Primevalentines last year, I saw a Valentine that referenced pizza and I then just couldn't not make a Hatter one, y'know? Since I have my Alice sub-blog this year, I made an Alice Valentine for a matching set.

This week, I reminded BethanyActually that she had yet to claim her Fandom Friend Bingo art. (An inside joke that she had the most Xs on this nerdliest of pursuits...) She chose something Hatter & Alice related. Easy-peasey!

Bethany is also a big fan of Rainbow Rowell, so I took something Rainbow said in a guest post about her book Attachments and applied it to Halice. (What, doesn't everybody catalogue wise words according to their pet OTPs?)

I love the tags she added!

Last night, I remembered to add these graphics to my Alice board on Pinterest. I forget about Pinterest. Like, not only to pin things, but also that others can pin my things. I listed the "source" as syfyalice2009 and Pinterest showed me a column of images already pinned from that site. (Most of which weren't my graphics, but it's fun to stumble upon stuff like this, since comments & tags are always my favorite part of making something...)

Next week, fandom'tines part 2!

CNY 2014 Year of the Horse

2014: Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse: that's my year and I am claiming it.

Mama Mocha's

Man, do I wish we had a Mama Mocha's in Gadsden.

Full story here.

Dark Owl Records

Faux logo for Dark Owl Records

Oh man, I am getting caught up too fast on Welcome to Night Vale! At this rate, I will be up to date by the end of the month. Because it airs twice monthly, but I listen to them on walks... which happen 2-3 times a week.

I paused on one of these walks to send myself an email that said "Logo Dark owl records." I'd been thinking "do I want to make another Night Vale graphic? Hmm, what would it be?" And then I thought of an owl with a record for a monocle and YES!

I like how it turned out. I love that the Dark Owl Records Tumblr reblogged it with the tag GPOY.

LWB giftcards

Love Without Boundaries wanted some new gift card designs. We made one for each program and a general one. I put all of them on my Vounteer Work board.

Fangirl fanart

The Simon Snow Series by Gemma T. Leslie

Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl came out last month. I've made a couple of things for her novels, so I felt sure I'd want to make something for this one, too.

First up was book spines for the fictional Simon Snow series. (Cath would have the hardcover editions, but I had to use what I could find via image search, so these are paperbacks.) I swiped and manipulated this image:

As I did for her first two books, I made a fanmix, too. And speaking of swiping things...

Fangirl: A Novel by Rainbow Rowell

One of the characters works at Starbucks, and I happened to have a copy of their old logo in vector format. So I swapped the company name for Fangirl: A Novel and the star for a snowflake (because Cath is such a big Simon Snow fan). I gave her glasses and changed the color scheme to match the book's cover.

Here's a screencap of the best tags on this one so far:

Band tee

The finished product of the band t-shirt I worked on awhile back. My coworker sent me the following image with the note "They like the type and they like the dance people."

I told her the text would be really easy to convert to vector art but that we'd need some dancers. She found some stock imagery to use.

This was the PDF we sent the printer:

Fandom excuses

Alright, I’m sure some of you are like “enough with the Hatter graphics” (ahem, ETW) but he gets me reblogs! Deal with it. I decided to make a "character poster" for Hatter, since he has netted me the most notes on Tumblr.

I really like how this one turned out. And if I didn’t have desire to make homage graphics for little reason, I would have no excuse to use this style. It’s not really something you apply to pictures of your kids and it’s too Photoshoppy for the magazine. Thank you, fandom, for being the perfect milieu for the image-ghosted medium!

As ever, I am All About Words. It’s not done until I find the wording. When Alice meets Ratty, he promises to take her to The Man Who Knows. (Shh, I used the True Blood font, but we don’t have to tell anybody we’re mixing fandoms, right?)

After I made this, my board got another follower. Argh, you guys are killing me. What else could I possibly make? I have tread this territory.

“Well, I haven’t made anything of the King of Hearts…”

But I couldn’t find the screencap I wanted. As I looked, I saw some of Charlie and one glance and I could hear him speaking. Okay, let’s make a Charlie-themed one. (Winston, I will try you again next time.)

I have a lyric collage that I am having little luck with, and while I was font-searching for it, I found one that seemed perfect for a My Mad Fat Diary image I had in mind.

So, new use for fandoms: chances to practice skills and use fonts that I otherwise wouldn't get to. Go, fandom!

Mary Margaret McCord in the summer issue of Style

Putting together the fall issue. The summer issue was the first time I wrote the cover story.

Two weeks before the competition, Mary Margaret opened a fortune cookie to find the message, “You will be recognized and honored as a community leader.”

She taped it to the back of an index card and wrote a quote from Coach Bear Bryant on the other side: “If you believe in yourself, have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll be a winner.”

The card went with her to Montgomery, where she took home the crown.

Read the whole story here.

Quotes into notes

I said I wanted to practice more quote art. (Or whatever one would call it.) Last week, one of my MMFD pals read Eleanor & Park, so I decided I’d do one of my favorite quotes from the book, where Eleanor says of Park “you look like a protagonist … you look like the person who wins in the end.”

Rainbow reblogged it, which made it explode in notes. It became my first non-Hatter related graphic to exceed 100 notes.

(I made a new Hatter graphic to celebrate my first post to surpass 200 notes.)

This month, I started listening to Night Vale. I knew I wanted to make some sort of image for that, but what? I settled upon the passage about the moon.

Welcome to Night Vale is experiencing a popularity explosion, and this post reached 200+ notes in no time. It is now my post with the most notes.

Bridal shower invitation

My pal (and former co-worker) Kendra is a bridesmaid and asked if I could work on a shower invitation. Sure! They found one they liked online and wanted to incorporate the bride's colors and a lace pattern reminiscent of a box the bride gave them. Inspiration sent:

Fandom gifts

A couple of weeks ago, the Duchess of Wonderland reblogged my Duchess/Hatter parallels post for the second time. I sent her a message, asking if she had any graphic requests because nobody has every reblogged one of my creations twice “for feel reasons.”

She couldn’t think of anything. (I would have been equally lost if she asked me to participate on her roleplay blog — seriously, I lack the roleplay gene.) But when my Syfy Alice board gained a new follower, I knew something for the Duchess was in order.

And I’m kind of glad she didn’t have a request, because I was able to just go find some screencaps and see if they “spoke” to me. (Don’t laugh! Or, in the words of her tag #DON’T U JUDGE ME.) I liked one that was a little out of focus because it highlighted that Duchess was in movement. She was trying to save Jack, whose execution had been ordered.

I found a photo of him to overlay and felt it needed something. I tried some patterns. No. Hrm... some text? I went with “you’re running out of time.” Because she is and Time is such a theme in Wonderland tales. (I also went and found actual lines from the mini and posted those below.)

The Duchess found her gift shortly after I posted it, and seemed pretty stoked. That she went to one of her friends to say “look what someone made for me!” put a huge smile on my face.

In a similar vein, I made an image collage for a fanfic recently. I read it one night and thought it was so well done. I didn’t want to just send another message saying how much I liked it. I wanted to put the time in, like she had to share in the first place.

I figured, if you can make an image collage for a novel, why not for a fanfic?

It was to nearly 50 notes by the time she found it. (At 73 now.) I love her tags #*FANS SELF* and #BLINKS RAPIDLY.

So, two creations that are not so much for the shows but the fans themselves. Love a thing, make a thing. And I love the community that is fandom.



These? So much harder than they look.

Ever since I read Melissa Fay Greene's article "How to Bully-Proof Your Child," I wanted to do a quote design of this passage, as it so perfectly encapsulates bullying.

The secret? It's a game. The only rule is: If you get upset, you lose.

[On Tumblr here.]

I've only made a few of these so far. I'd like to do more and (hopefully) get better at it.